Cyrus R.O. Quartet presents a catchy brand of progressive alt rock drawing on the jazz tradition and the quirky sensibilities of art pop. Spontaneous yet meticulous, ferocious yet sophisticated, the Quartet lures you to the edge of your expectations only to thwart them and push you just beyond your comfort zone.

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, bandleader Cyrus R.O.'s musical affinity was evident from an early age; as a toddler he stumbled onto John Campbelljohn's stage show and picked up a tambourine. He hasn't stopped playing since. The child of east coast musician Stuart Robertson (Sam Moon Band, Blues Merchants,) R.O. inherited his father's love for soul-bearing music unafraid to paint the ugly aspects of life just as much as the beautiful ones, even as it makes you dance.

As a teenager, R.O. played in rock bands and developed his craft as a songwriter. Already a talented multi-instrumentalist, the obvious next step would've been to do a degree in music performance. However, in a split decision, he instead elected to move to Halifax to study physics, continuing all the while to move forward on his own as a writer, musician, and producer.

Shortly after moving, he joined Haligonian hard rock group Dali Van Gogh, with whom he has opened for The Glorious Sons, been included in ROCKWiRED Magazine's list of top 12 bassists in rock music today, and had singles chart in Europe. R.O. has also worked with various other Haligonian artists such as Aquakulture, Magnetic North, and Gizelle De Guzmann.


An independent artist by nature, it is no surprise that R.O. would eventually go on to forge his own path. R.O. took the first step with debut solo single Black Sheep, recorded in summer 2018 and released in October of the same year. The single would go on to receive critical praise, with The East Magazine naming it #42 on their list of top 100 songs of 2018.

While working on the single, R.O. assembled what would eventually become the Cyrus R.O. Quartet. R.O. wanted musicians of a high caliber who would challenge each other and elevate his compositions to new levels. He first found this in bassist Carolyn Curry, a graduate of the jazz performance program at the University of North Texas and accomplished professional musician, vocalist in the ECMA-nominated Unidentified Funk Object. The duo then went through a revolving door of drummers before finding the right fit in StFX-trained drummer Luke Knopp, formerly of The Get Up and Party Boots. Completing the quartet a mere couple of weeks before their debut gig was R.O.'s acquaintance and former classmate Stephen Fewer, a graduate-turned-instructor of the guitar program at Dalhousie's Fountain School of Performing Arts.

Despite minimal rehearsal, the newly completed band delivered a stunning debut performance that August, and have since gone on to entertain audiences all over the Maritimes. This June, they released Space Flunky, their official debut single as a group as they work towards their upcoming debut album You are an island and so am I, scheduled for release in early 2020.