Cyrus R.O.'s greatest passion lies in creating music that keeps you on the edge of your comfort zone: never quite alienated but never, ever bored. His music takes the familiar and continually pushes it just a bit beyond what is normal. Like the rush of adrenaline that comes from an extreme sport you've never tried, or the experience of exploring the mystique of a foreign culture, Cyrus offers an experience at once familiar and mysterious, comforting and daring.

Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, his musical affinity was evident from an early age, when a toddler Cyrus stumbled onto John Campbelljohn's stage show and picked up a tambourine. He hasn't stopped playing since.

Armed with a backbone of raw and rebellious soul inherited from his father Stuart Robertson, Cyrus has at some point performed everything from hardcore punk to classical choral arrangements. His training spans multiple genres and 5 instruments. He has performed in various bands on the east coast including award-nominated Halifax heavyweights Dali Van Gogh, and pursued a degree in physics all the while. Through all of this, he wrote his own songs and developed his craft, awaiting the end of his degree to start showing it to the world.


That plan was rapidly accelerated in late spring of 2018, in which a job opportunity fell through, forcing a radical shift in his plans and focuses for the following months. But with sudden unemployment came opportunity: almost overnight, Cyrus went from having full time responsibilities to having no obligations and a considerable need for more gigs. There were no excuses left to continue deferring his solo pursuits. Since then, Cyrus has been creating music with newfound fervor and artistic vision, pushing the boundaries he wants to push.